In response to increasing demand and a commitment to reducing lead times and costs, KSP are delighted to announce the successful installation during December 2020 of our Horauf BDM20 German high-speed case making machine with on-line rotary board cutting.

KSP move into the Premier League of Case Making

One of only two in the UK and capable of running at speeds of up to 60 per minute, this investment firmly puts KSP into the Premier League within the Book Cover, Case Making, Folder and Ring Binder manufacturing industry. Combined with KSP’s ‘can do’ attitude to any scale of project, this is the latest investment since bringing in-house the manufacture of these products in 2005. From humble beginnings, we can now produce more in a minute than we could initially do in an hour; now that’s what we call progress!

Reliability you can count on

With the ability to run hot or cold glue systems to tackle most book cloths, as well as coated and uncoated cover materials, our Horauf incorporates an online integrated rotary board cutter to enable us to make a diverse range of products, including a 3 piece cover from a single piece of board.

Other features include an integral viscosity control system that continually monitors the glue to ensure consistent high-speed running, and counter stacker with return conveyor. Incredibly, all features are designed to deliver consistent, high volume production with a single highly skilled operator; meaning we can manufacture and deliver products at the very best prices, and return those savings to you. Proven renowned German engineering guarantees this highly efficient machine will help us to continue to excel in our promise to provide the fastest turnarounds with improved quality and consistency.

A few of the innovative products we can now manufacture at speed:

  • Book cases
  • Book covers (soft and rigid spines)
  • Ring binders, including paper over board ring binders (eco-friendly and cost effective)
  • Lever-arch files
  • Game boards
  • Cake Boards
  • Box components, including slipcases
  • Duplexing of sheets to other papers and boards

Unparalleled flexibility

From a technical point of view, the Horauf can run cover materials ranging between 100 to 300 microns, with a minimum open case size of 105mm x 170mm and maximum of 380mm x 680mm. The machine can also handle any board thickness between 1mm and 3.5mm. Additionally, the Horauf can produce a two-piece book cover with a soft flexible spine.

Horauf Bdm 20 Casemaker Specifications

  • Speed: 60 cases per minute
  • Minimum Case size open: 105mm x 170 mm
  • Maximum case size: 380mm x 680 mm
  • Board thickness: Minimum 1 mm – Maximum 3.5 mm
  • Board cutter (Space between boards): Minimum 6mm – Maximum 90mm
  • Spine Width: Minimum 6mm – Maximum 80mm
  • Hinge width: Minimum 5mm – Maximum 15mm
  • Distance between front & back cover: Minimum 16mm – Maximum 120mm
  • Thickness of rigid spine Minimum: 1mm – Maximum 3mm
  • Thickness of flexible spine Minimum: 0.30 mm – Maximum 0.6 mm
  • Thickness of cover material Minimum: 0.1 mm – Maximum 0.3 mm