We at KSP believe not. Unlike so many of our competitors who have rushed to ditch the traditional screen print process in favour of less skilled and the ‘at the touch of a button’ digital print processes, we’ve not only kept screen print at the heart of our business but we’ve invested heavily in it to ensure its long term survival as a process that simply can’t be replaced.

As these screen printed Lexan Polycarbonate membrane overlays prove, some applications simply demand more durability, brighter and higher opacity inks, superior ink adhesion, precise colour matches, all coupled with very high-tech embossing and finishing processes that create products that can only be achieved by screen printing.

So whilst others have let all these skills go, here at KSP our highly skilled workforce still have all the experience necessary to give our clients the combination of the traditional and the modern print and finishing processes all under the same roof. 

So you answer the question;

Screen printing, dying trade or 5,000 year old print process that still can’t be surpassed?

We’ve absolutely no doubt. When it comes to some critical and demanding applications, there’s no substitute for the traditional screen print process.

So for all your screen print needs, contact us and we will guide you through the process and let us surpass your expectations.