These Internationally-recognised standards for Quality and Environment help KSP prove their commitment both to the environment and to providing excellent service.

Cliff Smith, the consultant who visited KSP on behalf of QMS, praised their preparation saying: “Both the Managing Director, Mr Woodcock and his Marketing and Internal Processes Manager were very enthusiastic about making both Standards work for them to obtain maximum benefit. In line with ISO 9001, they had implemented systems that helped them review the whole customer ordering process, allowing them to easily identify any potential issues and proactively manage customer satisfaction.”

He added “Their commitment to the environment was commendable. They’re focused on promoting and implementing environmental improvements to meet their customer needs and also for personal satisfaction. This was evident in the way they minimised waste by maximising raw material yields and actively recycled polypropylene, cardboard etc.”

On the processes they implemented, Cliff added “ Mr Woodcock and Ms Vink had put stringent processes in at every stage, especially at final inspection. I think that this is an SME that implements large company practices and controls.”