Rigid Boxes Luxury rigid boxes manufactured by KSP reduce lead times.

Historically buyers looked to China for cost effective, mass produced luxury packaging which made it impossible for UK suppliers to compete.
But since the pandemic delivery costs from China have quadrupled and lead-times have doubled.
With the cost benefits from China diminishing, KSP Group have invested in a “first of its kind in the UK” Automatic Box Wrapping Line and ‘V’ Grooving machine.
We believe this gives us a unique edge over many other UK box manufacturers.

What is unique about the way we make our rigid boxes?

We have been making rigid boxes by hand for many years, but our newly installed 4 way ‘V’ Grooving machine produces a finish only seen in the UK on imported IPhone boxes.

Advantages of ‘V’ grooving.

Boxes that are ‘V’ grooved require no tooling to prepare the board for manufacture, this saves both time and cost.
‘V’ grooving gives a perfect 90 degree corner, this gives an iPhone like box finish to the corners, compare the two styles in the image on the right which shows both ‘V’ grooved and traditional die cut ‘beveled’ edge options.

Inserts and fitments.

We don’t just do boxes. We can complete your project by designing and manufacturing both foam and card inserts, all done in house.

Why choose KSP?

Our minimum order quantity is one.
Quantities up to several hundred will be hand made.
Our automated equipment will be competitive for runs of many thousands.
Samples and prototypes are quickly and cost effectively produced on our CAD systems giving you the confidence your order will be exactly what you’re expecting when we go to full production.
With our ISO9001 certified processes, you can be confident nothing will be produced until you’re entirely happy ensuring complete satisfaction when your delivery arrives.

Combine all this with a quick response to your enquiry (normally we aim to give you a price within 24 hours) now all we need you to do is send us your enquiry and we will do the rest.