Can KSP produce print-ready artwork for me?

If you are concerned about producing your own artwork, we can advise on file formats, cutter guides, colour separations or if required produce the complete artwork for you based on an hourly rate.

Our design and artwork department enables us to turn your design briefs into reality.

Total in-house production gives us control over your project and enables us to reduce lead times, work more cost effectively and guarantee deadlines.

We will be delighted to quote on any requirements, just get in-touch!

Can KSP produce a cutter guide or template for me so I can lay my artwork over it?

With the very latest 3D KASEMAKE software, we can quickly and creatively produce all your print cutter guides and templates onto which you can then impose your own artworks.

If you’re supplying your own artwork, files need to contain Vector Lines, ‘cut’ and ‘crease’ as separate colours.

We have an extensive library of already created tooling diagrams and can offer expert advice on production of new ones. We can normally send you a fully dimensioned PDF cutter guide within 24 hours, so you can impose your artwork over the top.

If I supply KSP artwork I’ve created myself, what file formats would you like me to provide it in?

We much prefer Native AI files with fonts outlined and pictures included.

No newer than version CS6 in either Illustrator, Indesign or Photoshop please.

Always supply PDF’s at the highest resolution you can.

Remember, we can’t improve low resolution PDF’s and the higher the resolution, the better the quality.

If you’re unsure, please get in-touch!